Unique Monthly Pictures 

I’m slightly obsessed with taking pictures of my child, like snapping pictures of her at Target, practically every meal, reading, sleeping, etc. When it came to the monthly pictures, I knew I wanted to do something special. Before Teddy was born I browsed tons of Instagram pictures, Pinterest pages and more to find inspiration. I knew I wanted to keep a theme of one color throughout the whole 12 months. Teddy’s gender was a surprise so I figured I’d use shades of green if it was a boy and purple for a girl and either way grey/white would be a second color. Needless to say, we went with purple.

Sometimes the purple was her clothes, other times it was in the props themselves. I had so much fun creating the backgrounds. My mom was a huge help too in finding things like the block for month 2 and the card for month 8. My least favorite was month 4. I’m not crazy about the filter I used. Her pants ended up becoming really dark and the fish rocks became almost a pink. Otherwise, I think they turned it great! I cannot wait to do the same with the next kiddo.

Messiest and most emotional picture for me. 😢

I pulled off the petals from faux flowers for this one.

Teddy was so upset I wouldn’t let her touch the ribbon. One of the hardest ones for sure.

9 balloons. Her little ponytail 🦄

I reused the same cardboard from month 7 and covered it with a yard of fabric.

Party Pom Poms found on Amazon or the party store.

Thick purple ribbon with button letters found at a craft store.

That “five” was big scooting motivation

Fish rocks. Like I said, not my favorite but who could resist those rosy cheeks?

Several hundred paint chips cut into hexagons with a tool I found on Amazon. Tip: Go with the largest size.

I was thrilled when my mom found this vintage painted block with a purple 2 at a toy store bin.

Oh how I miss those teeny tiny little toes.


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