Who am I

Welcome to Peeing Alone. My name is Megan and I am a stay at home mom to Teddy with one on the way, due in August.

Orignally I’m from Bend, Oregon but have been living in Seattle for the last 11 years. I love the northwest, it will always be my home. I love to travel and always have. When I was young I would see billboards for flights to all over and try desperately to convince my dad to take me. It wasn’t until high school and later when my passport really started to fill up.

I’m married to my love, Marty, who is my biggest cheerleader and best friend. We were married on 11-11-11. We eloped and flew off to Palm Springs where we dined on In-and-Out burgers in our wedding attire. We had some struggles staying pregnant once we decided to start a family but it’s become clear that God was busy making the perfect child for us. Which bring me to, Teddy.

Teddy is a goofy, loving, snugly ball of fire and we are so lucky to call her “ours”. Currently she’s almost passed out on my lap, drinking a bottle in her ladybug pajamas. She was born in October and has the Libra personality to match her Dad. She is the balance between sweet and spicy, naught and nice that makes you want to scream and hug her all at the same time.

My goal for this blog is several things. I’ve always loved having a creative outlet but being a SAHM, balancing that can be tricky. I love fashion, even if some days that means browsing sites while I sit in my sweats. This is a place to write about mom stuff, travel, people, recipes, fashion and more that inspire me in hopes that they might in turn, inspire others.






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  1. Valerie says:

    Love it! You sound so upbeat and fun. ^_^ Congratulations on your newest little one, will you find out the gender?


    1. peeingalone says:

      Thanks so much Valerie! We are this time. Our daughter was a gender surprise but I think I want to know.

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