Birch Please

I bet a few of you have seen that amazing birch tree wallpaper that is all over Pinterest, design blogs and celebrity homes. It is my favorite juxtaposition of subtle and bold.

When we moved into our first home I knew I had to have it, until I saw the price tag and calculated what it would cost to cover just one wall. Since the wallpaper itself was so expensive, and I had little experience with installing wallpaper, I also figured in the cost of hiring a professional. For just one wall, in our guest bedroom, it would have been close to $1,100. Not exactly in our budget considering our home needed mega work to be done.

I thought about how I could make it work for weeks and week until finally I decided to try to paint it myself. I already had a small tub of grey paint from a sample and a pack of kids paintbrushes. How hard could it be? Turns out, technically it wasn’t difficult at all. It was time consuming but in the end completely worth it.

I started by using a pencil to draw straight lines up and down the walls.  I didn’t measure, some lines were closer together than others. I used a tall level to be my average sized “tree”. Then I went through and added branches. I looked at my inspiration wallpaper quite often to see how to overlap branches and the approximate locations of them.

Finally, it was time to paint. It took me about 2 days of off and on just to cover the wall


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